Ryan and Mitchell's FoCo Cake Walk

Cake walk

Staff members Ryan Dresser and Mitchell Hodge had been mulling over the idea of a single day self propelled bike linkup of Greyrock, Arthur’s Rock, and Horsetooth Rock for a few years now. As Ryan’s 30th birthday approached, they realized that it would probably be a ‘cakewalk’ and there was no time like the present. 


We wanted to create a repeatable adventure, so the concept was to have an unsupported day via bicycle and climb the most traveled classic rock climb on each formation. Since it was Ryan’s birthday celebration, we decided a critical component was to bring a full sized sheet cake along as the nutritional component.

The Cakewalk was born.


The Cakewalk begins at Equinox Brewery, to Greyrock summiting via ‘Greatest Route’, to Arthur’s Rock summiting via ‘Right of Passage’, the valley trails to Horsetooth Rock and summiting via ‘Tourist Attraction’ right as the sun went down. The pizza joint was closing soon and Ryan had homework to finish that night, so the boys booked it back to town and made it to cheesy salvation with 5 minutes to spare, finishing again at Equinox Brewery (which was closed).