The Gearage offers professional bike and ski service and repair. Our bike mechanics and ski technicians are certified professionals with multiple years of bike repair and ski tuning experience. No matter what kind of issue you have, we can help.  From a single flat tire to full custom re-build, we are your home for all bike and ski related service. Stop on buy and talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff about any questions you may have.

Don’t see the service you need listed here? Feel free to call or stop by and we can give you a FREE quote on parts and labor.

Safety Check $45

Wipe down bike

Inspect frameset

Tighten all bolts to torque spec

Inspect headset, wheels, hubs, and bottom bracket

Check shifting, brakes and pads

Check stability of grips/tape, seatpost, saddle and pedals

Inflate tires to proper pressure

Full Bike Overhual $200
Everything From a Deluxe Tune
Removal and ultrasonic cleaning of drive train

Full Tune $80 + Parts

Bike wash

Tighten all bolts

Inspect frame, wheels and hubs

Check and adjust bearings

Clean and lube chain

Adjust brakes (Additional for hydraulic bleed)

Adjust derailleurs/shifting

Adjust and lube cables

Labor to install two parts

Deluxe Tune Up $140 + Parts

Everything from a Full Tune

Bike detail & wax

Replace cables and housing (Cost of cables/housing included)

Adjust headset, bottom bracket, and hubs

True wheels off bike

Labor to install all parts

A la Carte (+ Parts)

Flat repair: $10
Wheel true - $10-25 depending on severity
Tubeless Setup (Sealant included, per wheel) - $25
Hydraulic brake bleed (per brake) - $30
Wheel build - $65
Suspension fork seal replacement - $65
Rear suspension seal replacement - $45
Boxed bike build - $80
Custom bike build - $200

Full Bike Wash and Detail $20

Ski and Snow Board Tune-Up Service

The Gearage offers hand edge and wax to get your skis and snowboard riding smooth and fast. We also carry an assortment of wax and ski tuning tools for customer preferring to do their own ski and snowboard tunes. At this time we do not currently offer binding installation, repair, or adjustment.

Wax and Edge $30

JUST a Wax or Edge $15

P-Tex or Base Repair Starting at $5

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The Gearage is committed to giving you great service and providing you with affordable options for the gear you need to go and enjoy the great outdoors.

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